Our Hand-Tied Bouquet is our customer favourite, featuring the best of the season either in a colour choice selected by us, or you. If you have selected our 'custom' colour option please add a note with your preference when you checkout e.g 'loves yellow'

Hand-Tied Bouquet (Large)

PriceFrom £60.00
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  • We will source the freshest, highest quality flowers and foliage that the flower market has to offer, no two bouquets are ever the same, the individual flower components will vary depending on availability and season.


    Bouquet Care


    • Carefully unwrap the bouquet and also removing any aqua pack.
    • Do not remove the string as this holds a hand-tied design together.
    • Cut the flower stems on a 45' angle and trim to the right length for your vase.
    • Fill a clean vase with fresh cool water.
    • Place the flowers in the vase ensuring the water reaches to any shorter stems.
    • Position the flowers away from direct sunlight, radiators or ripening fruit.
    • The flowers may last varying lengths of time so simply remove any dying flowers as the bouquet ages.