What's in Season?...Winter

Updated: Feb 16

Winter brings us frost-filled mornings, cold winter walks, allll the thermals and for florists an incredibly busy season, for which my fledgling business is ever grateful. It brings another change in colour palette, as we move away from the rich and vibrant colours of Autumn to the more muted tones of grey, white and not forgetting the ever-popular festive red. The Dutch wholesalers have such a variety at this time of year and are keeping the studio stocked with blooms and an unbelievable range of foliage, here are some of my favourites;

Amaryllis - officially called Hippeastrum this popular plant is very easily grown from a bulb indoors. It has large showy flowers and blooms in the winter months. Leave the stems long or cut them short for a striking and contemporary table arrangement.

Ilex - with striking stems of red berries this variety of Holly and is native to America. Other common names include: Fever Bush and Winterberry Holly.

Hellebores - are also commonly known as 'Christmas Roses' and 'Lenten Roses' because they resemble wild roses, but, they are not related to the Rose.

Spruce - THE foliage for winter, you'll find it featuring heavily wreaths, garlands and centrepieces.

Pine - another popular choice for wreaths, garlands and centrepieces.

Eucalyptus - from 'Baby Blue', 'Cinerea' to 'Populus', Eucalyptus comes in a variety of forms with a silvery-grey foliage and a wonderful scent it's a staple in my winter bouquets.

Hypericum - also known as St John's Wort it's widely available in red, burgundy, green, peach & white berries.

Carnations - a stunning flower choice available as a standard (a single bloom bloom per stem) or spray (multi-head blooms per stem) they are available all year round in a wide range of colours.

Anemones - a genus of the buttercup family Raununculaceae

Ranunculus - typically available between January and May, these short stemmed beauties are all about their super frilly and delicate petals.

Tulips - are geotropic (bend with gravity) and phototropic (reach toward light) so embrace the bendy stems, it's part of the charm.

Hyacinth - a popular Christmas flower because of their beautiful blooms, seasonal availability and sweet scent.

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