How To: Care For Your Flowers

Updated: Feb 16

So, you've received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Flowers by April (or another wonderful florist) and you're not sure what to do next. Here are few tips on how to care for your flowers. Flower bouquets come wrapped many different ways depending on the arrangement you've purchased or the florists preference for wrapping. Most of my bouquets will come wrapped in brown paper, a little tissue or compostible wrap and an aqua pack, a little pouch of water at the bottom of your flower bouquet, which helps keep your blooms hydrated until they reach you.

1. Prepare your vase

Clean your vase thoroughly so that it's squeeky clean, any bacteria or dirt in the vase will reduce the longevity of your flowers.

2. Fill the vase

Fresh water is all you need, plenty of it, fill at least half your vase so the flowers can have a good drink. Some bouquets will have flower food attached with them, it's up to you if you like to use it. I don't add flower food sachets to my bouquets, I don't believe the flowers need it. As long as they have deep, clean and cool fresh water I find they last just as well.

3. Unwrap your bouquet

Cut the tape or string which is holding your wrapping together and whilst the bouquet is tied, check the height of the arrangement against your vase. 40/60 vase to flowers always looks lovely (and accounts for a little stem trim in a couple of days) but you can decide whether you'd like it a little taller or shorter. Once you've worked out the height you'd like, give the stems a good cut with sharp clean scissors. You should cut the stems on a 45degree angle so they can take up a nice amount of water, and it also stops the stems sitting flat against the bottom of your vase.

4. Place in vase

I would always advise at this point to cut the string or binding wire holding your bouquet together, you don't want that string to sit in water. Whilst holding your bouquet cut the string and then place the flowers into your vase, they'll stay as they were arranged because you've already cut them to size.

5. Position

You want to get the most from your flowers and have them on display for as long as possible. To help with this, where you place them does matter. Keep them out of direct sunlight (in Summer definitely not a windowsill) and away from heat like radiators and also ripening fruit (really!), the ethylene gas the fruit releases will wilt your blooms much much faster. Replace the water every couple of days and recut your stems when you do, you might loose a little height but your blooms will appreciate the trim.

6. Enjoy!

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