Birth Flowers by Month

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

January - Carnation

The Carnation is native to the Mediterranean and is a popular plant with gardeners and also as a cut flower due to its long vase life. Available in a wide range of colours and with its symbolism rooted in love, it can make a popular choice for weddings and special occasions.

In Europe the Carnation was used as a treatment for fevers and in Elizabethan times it was used as a substitute for the more expensive clove in ale and spiced wine.

February - Violet

You'd think it would be the rose with Valentines Day taking centre stage, but no, February's birth flower is the Violet, with those tiny purple heart shaped petals it fits hand in glove with the rich purple tones of the month's birth stone Amethyst. Violets symbolise, faithfulness, wisdom and humility.

March - Daffodil

This spring time favourite Narcissi or the Daffodil, with those bright yellow petals and trumpet shaped flowers, is associated with new beginnings, rejuvenation and rebirth, not forgetting that it's also the national flower of Wales. Warmer times are on the way when these flowers start to bloom and boy’ does that make us happy!

April - Daisy

Remember making daisy chains as a child, these petite flowers are a favourite of childhood’s past. In the wild these dainty blooms close at night and re-open when the sun rises in the morning! If you’re looking to include these in a bouquet for an April Birthday, consider Gerbera Daisies which are available in a myriad of different colours and styles.

May - Lily of the Valley

Flowering for only a very short season (March to May) these sweetly fragranced, bell shaped flowers are a firm favourite with royal brides. Lily of the Valley typically symbolise happiness and humility.

June - Rose

One of my favourites, the rose, has its symbolism rooted in love and passion. But, there are many different types and colours of this well-known and well-loved flower. Take a look at our Rose only bouquets, perfect if you’re looking to send a special bouquet and don't forget to add that extra touch with a personalised message.

July - Delphinium

These quintessential English country garden blooms can sometimes grow to 6ft and are the showstopper in our summer gardens. They range in colour from deep rich blues, through lavender, pinks and whites. Delphinium, comes from the Latin word for dolphin and refers to the shape of the flower.

August - Gladioli

These statuesque blooms are characterised by tall, pointed stalks of flowers which are a very popular late-summer bloom and is available in a range of colours from pure whites to neon oranges right through to rich velvet burgundy. Gladioli is said to symbolise strength and honesty.

September - Aster

The September birth flowers is the Aster which is associated with love, faith and elegance. These dainty flowers were named by the Greek’s after the word for ‘Star’ due to the shape of the blooms.

October - Marigold

The Marigold, often identifiable due to its vibrant golden orange blooms and they are a favourite with gardeners. The Marigold is said to represent stubborn determination and is associated with love and creativity.

November - Chrysanthemum

This month has just one birth flower, the Chrysanthemum which signifies happiness, friendship and optimism. November’s birth flower is available in a range of colours and is also believed to bring good luck into the home. These are also a lovely long lasting cut flower.

December - Holly

The ultimate symbol of the season, the Holly is December’s birth flower, although it is technically foliage. With verdant green leaves and vibrant red berries keep an eye out for our festive foliage bundles which look epic dressed around your home during this season!

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